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Not all that much has been happening recently. There was a party, which was pretty dead...wasn't feeling THAT one, I have to admit.
I've just been so awfully busy, trying desperatly to get my barings here in's miserable really because I can't just relax and speak, for once, in my own language. It doesn't feel like home, and I guess it never will...I don't plan on staying in England after school. No way...I'll go home, or maybe to China...I speak the languages far better in the East than I do the West...I can speak one word in after hello, I'm pretty screwed.
I can't wait for my next owl...just something, anything that reminds me of home. I love it when I get something, the first thing I do is smell it. I know it sounds silly, and you'd think that all the scent would've worn off during the flight, but no...I can still smell it, smell fish, is sick and scary as that smells like the fish that our cook was ALWAYS cooking in the kitchen after Mum died and as much as I hate to remember the months after she passed away, it'll still be home.
Hano's wizarding ability's getting more intense, Dad said that he's been having trouble at school, which isn't good...and since I told him that I was doing fine here at Hogwarts, he's even more set on sending my brother here. That's not as exciting as it may sound...who wants their kid brother following them around? Besides, Hano's English isn't really all that that could be another major problem.
I really miss my computor...I know that's a very strange thing to just come out and say...but I do...I miss my computor...and my least I've got my cat.
Hogwarts isn't so bad, really...I'm making it out to be a lot worse than it actually is. Why? I don't's not like I want attention because who's here to give it to me?
Well...I'd best be off...I've got to get to the library.

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