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Thai's Journal.

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
8:22 pm
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current mood: busy

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Sunday, June 12th, 2005
12:29 pm
Thai had been sitting in the Great Hall that morning, enjoying a spot of breakfast whilst she carefully scribbled down letters to family and friends. Sunday was the day, she'd decided, that she would spend keeping in contact with everyone she'd left behind in Japan.
Her familiar sat beside her on the table, although she seemed oblivious, her hair pulled up roughly behind her head to keep out of her way, but little tressles still fell down into her sapphire eyes near constantly. Cosmic, the familiar, rubbed herself up against her owner's quill as she wrote, purring gently. Idly, Thai reached over her free hand to scratch behind the cats ear without making any eye contact or sound. Somehow, she'd tied herself up in knots doing this with one arm busying itself with writing, the other stretched under ther right arm, the wrist bent backwards and up to scratch the attention grabbing feline, though, the teen didn't seem to mind as she removed her hand from her quill, which continued to write, so that she could take a hefty bite out of a piece of toast which sat nearby. Wipping the margarine off on her robe, without thinking, her hand returned to the complex system she had going on of writing and stroking.
A girl in her year who occupied the bed beside her in the dorm sat down directly opposite of Thai and smiled,
"Hello Thai...were you aware that you have a cat on the table...?" She asked jokingly, her head tilted to one side,
"Huh?" Thai asked, frowning as she glanced up, "I do?!" She said suddenly, turnign her head to look at the cat who was now grooming itself in the centre of the table, "Oh!" She giggled, "So I do...I hadn't noticed..." She mumbled, blinking slightly before shaking her head.

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Monday, May 30th, 2005
10:11 pm
Thai was bored of dancing. Oh so very bored, it wasn't even funny. No one was really dancing anyway, and the ones that were were couples or groups of friends having a laugh. She looked around and realised that no one was alone like she was. They all had their secure little groups and their mixed up relations. No one was like her and focussed on the fun things, all anyone here seemed to be doing was worrying over their heart,
"Some party." She mumbled to herself, fiddling idly with her pendant as she walked back across the room towards the food, "I'm not even hungry..." She mumbled, looking down at all the amazingly tasty things ready and waiting for to try.
In the end, she just plain gave up, she already didn't like some of the people she'd met, she especially didn't appreciate being spoken to the way she had been, nor referred to as someone's 'bit on the side',
"These boys are all half the men my Seto is." She said aloud, a scowl donning her features, "Y'know what? Forget this...this is just one big ol' pity party...if I wanna stand around and whine...I'll go back to my room and send an owl to Jun." She giggled inwardly, thinking of her brother's confusion, "C'mon Thai...let us get you out of here before you truely do start having conversations with yourself."
She crept across the room, completely unnoticed which she adored silently as she slipped from the room and along the corridor, relishing in the cool air, the room had been so hot, so many people in just one room was never good for one's skin or temperature, she told herself.

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Saturday, May 28th, 2005
8:08 pm - Journal Entry
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