Thai Kamazaki (thai_foon) wrote,
Thai Kamazaki

Journal Entry

Today was my first day at started out pretty standard. I popped open a chocolate frog this morning which did an almighty hop which my familiar cat, Cosmic decided to have an attempt at catching before landing flat on her face on top of my bed. She shook it off easily enough before I finally had a good ol' munch down on the pesky little thing. It feels kind of weird eating something that one's cat just attempted to swallow whole but eh...I was hungry.
After that I went and got myself some breakfast. I really had little to no idea what I was doing or going but I carried with my some words of advice from my oldest brother Suguru, 'If ya get into trouble, just wing it'. So I did. I just kinda wandered until I found what I was looking for. I just kinda sat myself on the end of what I'm assuming was the Ravenclaw table...the boys I were sitting with were dressed just like me...ok...minus the skirts...I tried to chat to them but their accents were just so thick I didn't really understand what they were saying...then again...I didn't really understand what people were saying in London. So far, noone I'd encountered spoke how I'd learnt to speak in Japan. It was confusing!
Then I was trying to find my class...and I saw Gemini!! Gemini Walters!! From my old Witching school in Japan!! At first I felt a bit awkward...after all, she did break my brother, Jun's, heart when she dumped him to move back to England but she was like one of my best friends back then so I easily forgave her when she seemed to happy to see me.
A friendly face in all this mess!! I was SO relived!! We chatted for a litle while whilst I began producing fruit out of my cloak...just don't ask, I like to store it in there encase I get peckish. We talked about stuff...I'm yet to meet any of her friends really I only know her, I don't even know anyone in my own house!! How anti social am I?
Cosmic's after a bat...oops...she missed...ah well...
I'm really hungry...I think I'm gonan go...I'm got marshmallow cupcakes under my bed!! Hehe!!
G'night...I'll let you know if anything gets better tomorrow.
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